Mashal Clothing

Mashal Update

Daniel Molina - Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There have been alot of great things happening at Mashal. We are now in 10 stores and climbing. The word is getting out. We are getting lots of emails of fans letting us know they have seen our shirts on celebrities and just around there city. If you see Mashal on anybody take a picture and send it to us or just send us an email saying you saw it.

We sent out some shirts to American Idol contestants Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, and Tim Urban. Watch for these talented artists to be rockin' the Mashal gear.

Aaron Fresh is blowing up! We had the chance to connect with him at the beginning of his journey. Check out his Hot new music video making its way to the MTV Top 10. "Spending All My Time"

As Mashal continues to spread the word please help us reach out to the nation. Encourage people to become a fan on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

Thanks for your support!

The Reveal

Daniel Molina - Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Launch, not lunch people. Yes, it is here, you can relax just a little and no, nothing has frozen over. We are amazed we finally got to this point also. The initial labor pains of getting this off the ground are over and product is born. A beautiful series of artistically designed, 4.5oz, perfectly folded cotton garments, with little arm and neck holes; you wouldn’t believe your eyes.

No turning back now, we are moving at the speed of light putting product in the hands of key people, diligently building the Mashal community. We keep stressing that there is a lot more to this than just another clothing line and in the coming weeks and months that will ring out. We hope our mission is infectious and others desire to team along side this collaboration and spread the Mashal (story). Inspiration, it is what got us here and it is what will lead us forward. We will be constantly evolving and growing and we are excited for those that will be on that journey with us.

To new Beginnings!
the Mashal team